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Welcome to the Cam Vale Parish Council Website

The Cam Vale Group of Parishes includes the villages of Longburton, Holnest, Lillington and Leweston, located in the picturesque Blackmore Vale and close to the renowned Abbey Town of Sherborne.

A profile of the Cam Vale Group of Parishes

Longburton comes from the Old English lang (long) and burh-tun (fortified farm or farm near a fortification). A number of versions of the village name have been adopted over the centuries. This is hardly surprising in the period before spelling was standardised. Early references show Burton (1244), Buryton (1285), Bourton (1316) and Langebourton (1460).

Leweston is probably a farm belonging to a man called Leofwig, from the Old English tun + a personal name.

Lillington (farm called after a man named Lylla) comes from the Old English -lngton + a personal name. However, before 1293 the village belonged to one William de Lillington.

Holnest (copse or wooded hill where holly grows) comes from the Old English holeyn +hurst. References include Holeherst (1185), Holenherst (1268), Holnest (1316) and Holnhurst (1375)

Parish Council

The Cam Vale Grouped Parish Council has provision for 9 Parish Councillors, 5 for Longburton, 1 Leweston, 1 Lillington and 2 Holnest. As well as their regular Parish Councillor duties several Councillors undertake special duties for the Parish Council, all to help make Cam Vale an even greater place to live.

The Council is supported in its work by the Parish Clerk, the sole employee of the Council. Details of all of your Parish Council can be found on this page.

The council meet regularly (currently five times a year), at the Longburton village hall and everyone from the area is invited to attend.  The council also meet irregularly, as required by events (eg. to vet and sentence local planning applications).  By nature these meetings are not on the programme but will be added as required and once again all are invited to attend.

Notices of all meetings will also be posted on the Longburton, Lillington and Holnest notice boards at least 3 days before each event.

Support Network for all those within the Cam Vale Community of Longburton, Lillington, Leweston and Holnest.

  • The Coronavirus is going to affect more and more of us in so many ways.
  • Our government have told us to self-isolate at home except for exceptional reasons and not to meet up with friends and family.
  • This will impact on us all in different ways.
  • Fortunately, many of us will have family members nearby and have social media friends- groups on facebook, whatsapp, Instagram, etc. where help can be sought, when needed.
  • But there will be many folk who are isolated, without the opportunity to seek assistance to meet some of their needs. This is where we as a community can step in and help in a neighbourly way.

So, as your local Parish Council, we will try to help to fill that gap for the elderly, frail, needy or ill with a network of volunteers who can be available to help whilst keeping social distance and acting within government guidelines.

If you cannot obtain support for any of the following:

  • collecting medical prescriptions,
  • a short notice shop for essential provisions where supermarket deliveries have failed,
  • for dog walking,
  • or maybe just for a phone call for a chat then,

You should get in touch with one of your local Parish Councillors who will pass the task by internet/phone to the volunteers for action.

Volunteers would collect pets/leave provisions for cash payment from a front door and not be expected to get any closer than 2 metres from anyone.

While we do not envisage a large take-up of this offer, as most people will have family and friends nearby who are in a position to assist, we do hope that this initiative will provide a service to the most at need and will provide a feeling of security that there is a backstop of help out there if needed.

This information can also be found on the CVPC website:


For this scheme to work we will need Volunteers to help.

If you can help as a Volunteer, then please contact your local Parish Council coordinator with your name and contact details (email/phones):

Longburton -       Cllr Stephen Kell                  07974 255857

Lillington -           Cllr Nigel Williams        07886 574062

Leweston -          Cllr Nick Henderson   07771 624936

Honest -              Cllr Paull Jesty                07813 173203

Cam Vale Parish Council Calendar