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Homewatch/ Police

The villages of Cam Vale parish council are situated in the Sherborne Rural police area, which operates out of Sherborne police station. The police unit is able to provide advice on police/security matters and may be contacted at the police station front desk during the displayed opening hours or via telephone number: 101.

The Longburton Homewatch organisation (see below) is run in liason with the Sherborne Rural police unit.

Longburton Homewatch

In the autumn of 2002 the Parish Council appointed a member to review the situation regarding HomeWatch in Longburton.

As a result the following structure was put in place and is still operational today:- the objective was to give 100% coverage in the Parish of approximately two hundred properties by means of printed notices placed through letterboxes and on Parish Council and the Rose & Crown notice boards, advising of matters sent from the Police relative to the village.

The means of achieving this objective was by the creation of eight Zone Coordinators resident in their allocated areas and depending on density of housing, each would cover between twenty and thirty properties.

It was agreed that the Zone Coordinators would get Ringmasters direct from the Police but the Coordinator for the village, would make the basic decision with each Ringmaster as to its relevance and where appropriate personalise, edit and circulate the text by E mail, where available, to the Zone Coordinators for printing and distribution. In cases without E mail the Coordinator would print and pass on to the Zone Coordinators.

The distribution is still predominately by letterbox and Parish notice boards but progressively E mail useage is coming in but using bcc.

The procedures above appear to be reasonably effective as no one has ever said ‘do not continue to deliver to me’.

Longburton Home Watch Coordinator

To read the statement issued the at the request of the Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) please click here.