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Message/Updates from Chris Loder MP

Update from Chris Loder MP 12 April 2020

Help me support our local doctors and nurses

I’d firstly like to wish you, your family and friends a very Happy Easter.
Can I also let you know of the following local shops that are available for you to order essentials:

  1. Parsons the butchers on Cheap Street are delivering meat, eggs, milk, cheese and butter to your home. Please email or telephone 01935 812071
  2. Market Town Garden grocers shop on Cheap Street is closed, but Adrian is delivering fresh fruit and vegetables along with other groceries to your home. He can take your order to deliver direct Please email him on or telephone him 07967 659638
  3. Oxfords the Bakers are delivering bread too. They are open Tuesdays to Saturdays on Cheap Street, 9am to 1pm. Steve or a member of his team will be able to take orders by phone, please call them on 01935 812642
  4. Abbey Pharmacy is delivering prescriptions, call 07970 012539
  5. The Corner Shop opposite the Abbey is open for newspapers etc 01935 815615
  6. Mid West Office supplies are taking phone orders for stationery etc and will deliver 01935 814225

Sherborne Abbey is of course still closed. If you go to the Abbey regularly, you might like to see the weekly bulletin for Easter or ‘pew sheet’ from the Vicar. To read it, please CLICK HERE and if you would like to watch the Vicar of Sherborne’s Easter morning service, please CLICK HERE.


Update from Chris Loder MP 5 April 2020

If you need to see a GP over Easter

Don’t forget that our GP surgeries will be open on Good Friday and Easter Monday to help with an increased demand for appointments.

Shorter queues at Boots

I have been in touch with Boots this week in order to help reduce the queues going into the shop on Cheap Street. Therefore I hope, if you have had to wait for a long time outside the store, it will be shorter from now on.

The Grange at Oborne becomes temporary recovery hospital

The Grange Hotel in Oborne has been great in its support of the local effort against Coronavirus. It is now set up as a temporary recovery hospital to provide respite care and help relieve the pressure from the Yeatman Hospital over the coming weeks. I am sure you are as proud as I am of owners Jenny and Jon and their team, as they make such a significant contribution to combat the current crisis. To see their news video CLICK HERE.

Keep supporting our local independents

It’s just heart-breaking to see the majority of businesses in Cheap Street closed. Can I urge you to keep supporting our independent shops and restaurants that are still trading by offering deliveries, including bread & cakes, meat and vegetables and delicious meals. Sherborne Independents have come together to meet the needs of local communities, to find out more see the 'Food and Drink Delivered' section of my dedicated information webpage CLICK HERE

Sherborne Community Kitchen

The Sherborne Community Kitchen, born out of Sherborne Viral Kindness, is doing a brilliant job with providing free cooked meals (which just need reheating) to those in the community who would otherwise find it difficult to shop or cook, and for hard-working NHS key workers.

Financial donations are much welcomed, CLICK HERE to donate, or if you know somebody who might benefit from this initiative please email or call/text 07531 198791.

Easter worship, but in a different way

I know how sad many of you will be, as I am myself, not to be able to attend church during Holy Week and Easter - because our parish churches are closed. However, it is very innovative that the Rector of Sherborne Abbey, Canon Eric Woods, is streaming services on the internet via youtube. Please CLICK HERE to see recent services, including today's Palm Sunday with Sherborne Abbey Choir.

Second home owners, please stay at home

We have a big problem at the moment with second home owners – not just that they are travelling to their additional home in in West Dorset, but that they are doing so on a regular basis. This is totally unacceptable and I would like to appeal to all second home owners to please, stay put and help save lives by not taking unnecessary travel and spreading the disease.

West Dorset Community Scrub Hub

And finally, as I mentioned in my previous email, if you are able to help with making ‘scrubs’ (lightweight protective clothing) for our doctors and nurses in local hospitals, please let me know as soon as possible by emailing me at or completing my online form by CLICKING HERE

At the time of writing, there are no patients in the Yeatman Hospital with Coronavirus, but we can expect over the next week that we will have some. Whilst we have less cases in Dorset compared to the rest of the UK, our community here is generally at higher risk and so we are looking at an increasing number of patients over the coming three weeks. Certainly, the Yeatman's sister hospital in Bridport is bearing the brunt of cases at the moment.

I’ll keep you up-to-date as there are further developments. In the meantime, I would just like to remind you to please make sure that other than for exercise, shopping or necessary work, you need to stay home. It is important to do this to protect the NHS and to save lives. There was an interview on Channel 4 yesterday with a critical care consultant in South Wales. It’s about 15 minutes long, but it is worth watching all of it if you would like to get an NHS professional's perspective on all of this. See the video below, it's all the encouragement you need to stay at home.

This is an extract to CVPC from our local MP, Chris Loder MP:

Never did I think, in all my days, that I would see legislation come to Parliament that would curb our liberty here in the UK; most certainly not within the first four months of me being elected as your MP.

But on Tuesday, Parliament was presented with the Coronavirus Bill - a piece of draft legislation that I reflected long and hard over. I was pleased to speak during the Bill's debate, and you can see the YouTube video of that below.

The Coronavirus Act, as it now is, gives powers to Government and to others that you would only expect to see during normal circumstances in authoritarian countries. It gives more powers to doctors to act on their own judgement, rather than having to wait for a second opinion. It gives Government power to direct closure and allows our Police to take more direct action in the event of people refusing to act on Government advice. I could go on... but I think by now you have a flavour of what is involved.

Walking up through the high street in Sherborne, it is quite sad to see how many shops have posters in the window saying that they are closed on instruction from the Government – but we are living the realities of what this virus is causing and we must take it seriously.

After much discernment, it was clear to me that trusting the Government with the power that it needs to overcome this Coronavirus pandemic must be our absolute priority. I think the Government is doing brilliantly, given the scale of the challenge that this country has, and the Prime Minister and the Cabinet have my full support.

The Coronavirus Bill was initially set for a two year period. I was pleased that after my representation to Government, and that of many others as well, the Bill now has within it a clause where Parliament will have to reaffirm the granting of these powers in six months’ time – I am afraid that it will be a number of months before life returns to normal.

Unprecedented times

However, we are not stuck in our homes, we are safe in our homes! And we have to do as much as we can now to make sure we follow the Government’s advice. Whilst this is all very different, we are seeing the most amazing community movements across Dorset and indeed the UK. People helping one another, shopping for a neighbour, collecting prescriptions. Things that some of us usually do anyway, but is now widespread and returning the true meaning of community.

What can we do to help others?

Today I have to ask you also to consider how you can help our nation in need because we are faced with a new situation at home where, like with wartime curfews, we are under direction to stay at home.

Whilst the Government is doing all it can, there will undoubtedly be people who will need help outside the reach of the usual support channels. If you are able to help the voluntary movement in West Dorset, primarily to ensure shopping and medication is delivered to those who cannot leave home, please click on the link below and register.

And here are two links with a great deal of useful information which is regularly updated: