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Artists impression of the new Cam Vale Community Hall Artists impression of the new Cam Vale Community Hall



Issue 2 – March 2020

You will probably have noticed that the housing scheme on the former depot site is almost complete, and the developers, Aster Housing Association, are advertising the houses’ sale. One of the conditions of that development was a space large enough for a community hall and suitable car parking the provision, together with a children’s playground. As this site would be needed during construction of the new hall, the possibility of postponing the provision of the build is being discussed with Aster.

Design work is continuing preparatory to the architect and quantity surveyor producing the detailed specification necessary for tendering, hopefully before Easter. Until this process is complete, the final cost of the hall will not be known. In the meantime fund-raising continues, and whilst further grant applications are being made, an essential element of this is local fundraising. To this end several events are being planned by the various Village Hall users, and on the 4th April the Village Hall Committee is organising an Easter Eggheads Quiz, details of which are in the March edition of the Longburton and District News.

Although the money raised by these events will help boost funds, other initiatives will be essential if sufficient money is to be raised. It has therefore been decided to launch a ‘BUY A BRICK’ scheme – about which details and a form are included in the Longburton and District News. Any amount from £5.00 upwards will buy a brick and a certificate will be given as proof of your donation. Eventually when we are finally able to build the new Village Hall all the participants will be entered in a register along with all funding donations which will be kept as a permanent record in the Hall. A donation of:-

  • £5.00 will be a bronze certificate,
  • £10.00 will be a silver certificate
  • £25.00 will be a gold certificate
  • £100.00 or more will be a platinum certificate

Application forms are also available from the Village Hall treasurer and the Acting Chairman and are also in the Village Hall. If you are a UK taxpayer please remember that we would very much appreciate it if you would complete the section on the form for GIFT AID to enable us to claim a further 25p for every £1.00 donated.

To provide up to date information on both the Community Hall and Longburton Village hall, a website has is being created ( ) Building up a new site is gradual, but please take a look – helpful comments are always welcome

Produced on behalf of the Parish Council Steering Group and Longburton Village Hall 



Issue 1 – January 2020

Welcome to the first issue of our Newsletter!

This has been started to keep residents informed about the progress of the proposed community hall. The present situation is that tenders are about to be invited for its construction, with the intention that these will be returned in February. With an acceptable tender price it will be possible to determine the full extent to which further fund raising will be required, and allow the Parish Council to decide whether a contract can be secured , with the hope of work starting in late Spring 2020

At the present time, the likely the cost of the scheme is based upon a professional Quantity Surveyor’s estimate. On this basis the overall cost, including fees, is expected to be around £575,000. Because of its sale of the former depot site to the current developer, the Dorset Council agreed to make a grant of just under £196,500 towards community facilities, and the Village Hall Trustees have agreed in principal to sell Longburton Village Hall and donate the sale proceeds to the scheme. The site was advertised seeking  offers over £235,000, and a provisional sale agreement has now been reached on an offer comfortably in excess of that amount

In addition, substantial grants have already been received from the former West Dorset District Council of £81,500, and the Longburton Fund has offered a further £5,000. Together with earmarked Parish Council funds, and local fundraising, total funds currently amount to £538,000, leaving around £37,000 still to be raised. Further grants have already been applied for, or are in the course of preparation, and the Parish Council is to consider making a £10,000 grant from its uncommitted balances

 Obviously local fund-raising must continue (almost £5,000 has already been raised) especially as the estimated hall costs exclude furniture, fittings and sports equipment. With new hall schemes no longer being eligible for grants from The Big Lottery, it is even more important that local residents make a significant contribution towards the excellent facilities that the Cam Vale Community Hall will provide. In addition to special events, it is planned to invite donations and set up a ‘buy a brick’ scheme, further details of which will be given in the next edition of this newsletter. To assist with this, a website is being established -

To date, those involved in the Steering Group and Fund-raising Committee have committed around 9000 hours of their own time to this scheme, and now your support is sought to ensure the scheme becomes a reality

Note: Donations can be made payable to Longburton Village Hall Savings Account