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Broadband Gigabit Voucher Scheme

Longburton Needs you Longburton Needs you

If you have one of the following postcodes, then your broadband is currently on old copper wiring and your internet speed could be vastly increased with the installation of Fibre To The Premises (FTTP). 

DT9:  5LU; 5NZ; 5PB; 5PD; 5PF; 5PG; 5PH; 5PQ; 5PW; 6EJ; 6EL; 6EN; 6ER; 6ES; 6EW.

The Government has come up with a scheme for residents and businesses to claim vouchers to cover the cost of an internet provider (in this area it would be either BT or Wessex Internet) to install new infrastructure to boost speeds to at least 50Mbps, up to 1Gbps.  The vouchers are worth thousands of pounds each and should cover all costs, therefore not costing residents anything - so long as we get enough households signed up.  Anyone can withdraw their interest at any time.   When you sign up, you agree to take on a contract for the new, faster speed for a minimum of 12 months.  We’ve looked into the cost of this and it would seem to be about an additional £5 per month – depending on your current contract.  There is a possibility that you could even end up paying less.

Whilst this may not matter to you now, for instance if you do not use the internet very much, it is definitely something that people look for when purchasing a house, so it can only be of benefit to everyone in the effected postcodes.

According to Openreach, there are 137 premises under those postcodes and we need as many as possible to sign up to take advantage of this.

Check the spreadsheet below to see if your household / business could benefit from this scheme.  Please note; these addresses and postcodes were supplied by Openreach.

Further Information

Dorset Council -

Gigabit Broadband -

To register your interest or find out more, please email Gary or Julia at: include your name, address, landline, any queries and if you would be interested in attending a public meeting.  

Spreadsheet of addresses that are eligible for vouchers according to Openreach.

Gigabit Broadband Eligible Addresses File Uploaded: 2 August 2021 13.4 KB